The Fiverr Book Cover Chase

Like other indie authors self-publishing on a budget, Fiverr was an amazing discovery. The tools for your publishing process all exist here, from book promotion, design materials, e-book formatting, and the ever-popular, book cover. From my Internet research, the Fiverr book cover supporters/opponents are like Gryffindor vs. Slytherin; they either love it or vehemently look down on it. I dove in with gusto and, let me tell you, it’s quite easy to get addicted. It’s a whole new world of gigs at your fingertips for varying increments of five dollars, so it seems low-risk, provided you don’t go berserk in pursuit of perfection.

I started off with a couple basic gigs, giving them my initial CreateSpace cover I’d done myself (you know, what you’re not supposed to do with self-publishing) and asking them to revamp. The first version looked like they’d made absolutely no changes. The other simply changed the font style. Here is when I learned ratings don’t always mean too much here. A highly-rated Fiverr gig can still result in a garbage product.

I went for a $15 gig next, thinking that a higher cost would equal a higher incentive to actually try on the artist’s part. This artist actually put some thought into it, switched up the design, and added some color-contrasting elements. She did a very good job, so I replaced my homemade one with hers, but found that when displayed next to other indie covers, it still wasn’t on the same level of quality. Like a dude in khakis and Converses in a room full of suits. I like Converses and casual dress, I just prefer not to stick out that way in this case. This is one of those rare instances that I realized I SHOULDN’T try to go against the grain. So the hunt continued.

I searched forums on Google for Fiverr recommendations. Many of the suggestions were no longer active. I did try the highly rated Jimmy Gibbs who won an award for best book cover design on Fiverr, but I wasn’t really impressed. It seemed his design was specifically geared toward the gritty action man’s explosions and car crash sort of genre and he couldn’t give a softer fantasy touch. Chyna_Creatives, also highly rated, produced something I probably could have done myself in Photoshop, and seemed more interested in her Fiverr rating above all else; even asking me not to request additional revisions through the request tool because of how it might affect her stars.

My winner was Okomota.


He nailed it on the first try, sending me 3 concepts that were all so stunning, there was no chance of making a bad soup/salad choice then regretting it later. Barely any revisions necessary. You could immediately see the quality and effort that blew all the other covers I’d gotten off Fiverr out of the Jolly Roger Bay waters. He’s an example of a skilled designer who knows what special touches to add without your guidance. The details he added on his own were incredible. You won’t be paying $5 for his services; he’s on the higher end of Fiverr, but his work is definitely worth it and still a bargain. He knows what he’s doing. Must stop gushing. But really, go to him first if you don’t want to spend time weeding through the rest on Fiverr hoping to get lucky.

Runner-up goes to mnsartstudionew. For a lower price tag, he definitely still adds some unique touches and comes up with an original idea.

So as far as Fiverr book covers goes…Gryffindor for the win!


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