Ready, Set, GO!

Greetings! Welcome to Tael’s Beat.

In a burst of motivation and determination, I recently self-published a YA Science Fantasy novel titled Chaos (un)Controlled, and that motivation has extended its reach here. When I first read the suggestions that a self-published author should have some sort of website, my first thought was “Oh god. Yuck. I don’t have the time or expendable funds to hire a guy to take care of this for me.” Then I realized it didn’t have to be some fancy, show-off-y, media-ridden bells-and-whistles kind of thing (although I think that’s what sells nowadays). I’m quite happy with eccentric simplicity.

Since Chaos (un)Controlled is my current project, this blog will mostly address my self-publishing journey. I am in no way an expert with skilled advice and successful statistics to provide. I’m simply your average lover of reading and writing who wrote something I’m proud of and am trying to put it out there to the world while sharing my personal experience. I hope other first-time indie authors going into this as well can relate. I haven’t tried to operate a consistent blog since Xanga. We’ll see where it takes me.

Yesterday, my cousin, who recently finished my book, looked me in the eye and very confidently confirmed exactly what inspired my title. Who else can guess what it was?


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