Chaos (un)Controlled


Self-contained Rixa Storms can’t wait to escape from beneath the pressure of her mother’s religious, controlling thumb. With college in her sights on the horizon, freedom seems to arrive early with a special opportunity to learn a unique power in a world called University Heights. She is assigned two Guides to aid her studies in Elemental mastery: Azurre, responsible, by-the-book, and always concerned with impression, and Charon, aloof, prideful and considered the Black Sheep by the rest of University Heights.

Rixa soon discovers cracks in the portrait of ‘freedom’ this world represents when she uncovers the oppressive skeletons the school works hard to keep buried.  The prejudicial nature of this alternate dimension erupts into a dangerous chaotic spiral where her real and surreal worlds collide. To emerge victorious, she’ll need to reassess what is truly shackling her, or risk being consumed by her newly awakened abilities.

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