Truth Trebles, by definition is truth resounds the loudest. As a verb, it echoes; as a noun, it refers to a harsh reality that no one wants to hear.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given long ago at a writing workshop was that truth makes for the best writing. In spoken word, putting real experiences and raw emotion on display evoked the most powerful emotion. In fiction, pulling elements I’ve actually witnessed, encountered and lived through prove to be an effective tactic in building characters and storylines.

Who am I? A gaming enthusiast who loves immersion into intricately crafted worlds. My genre of choice is RPG; I’m a sucker for long journeys with characters I eventually grow attached to. I’m also a huge fan of Tetris and old-school Sonic. Pokemon GO captured my attention in the stealthiest of strikes. I would love to be somebody’s cosplay model. I live by a perceived ninja code: stealthy and hidden in the shadows until the time is right to strike. My favorite art form is graffiti. A veteran New Yorker, I hold the concrete jungle close to my heart.

I’ve loved to read since I was 4-years-old, and told myself one day I’d be a writer. Then the more chapter books I read, the more I balked at the idea. I wrote short stories and poetry, but how could I ever write a full-length novel? I tried. Failed. Tried again. Didn’t think it was marketable. Tried once more, got a bagful of rejected queries or no replies and during that depressingly dull week between Christmas and New Years, gathered the strength and finally said, damn it, I’m doing this.

Chaos (un)Controlled is my first attempt at self-publishing. I can totally see why throwing money at others to deal with this process (cover art, formatting, promotion, etc…) would be absolutely worth it. Already, there have been quite a few stumbles, head-banging moments and anxiety-ridden, hair-clenching instances. But that is what it means to be spurred on by passion and determination.