“I pull a lot of elements from my past and fictionalize them: my upbringing, my job at the New York Public Library (best job EVER!), my experience with RPGs in gaming. I love the storyline I created so much, I knew I had to at least let others experience it.”

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“Charon’s (character/personality) is one I knew I wanted to explore. I wanted him to be purposefully abrasive and misunderstood, but steadfast in his actions, unfazed by anyone’s opinion of him. I have encountered many personalities like this in real life, who were actually quite popular and well-liked. I wanted to explore that.”

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“One of the biggest themes I wanted to explore in Chaos (un)Controlled is that there’s no good and evil in this book, simply different views and different driving motivations. I also don’t consider it hardcore science fiction or fantasy; it’s right in the middle of the spectrum. But most who have read it seem to think it’s Sci-Fi even though that wasn’t my intention at all! It’s meant to be more thought-provoking, with reasons behind why the characters behave the way they do.”

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