About This Video Gamer Gauntlet…

A little over a month ago I discovered this was happening.


It’s a gaming convention. On a cruise. To the Bahamas.

It’s touting itself as the first gaming convention at sea, and although my research has turned up a few others (like GaCuCon, for example) this one seems way…more…[insert slang word synonymous with “lit” because I banned that term.] “Technically “first or not, I’m going. There’s no way I can’t NOT support this; I have high hopes that it will be an amazing time. Be dazzled by their schedule at their official site below:


Let’s throw aside the fact that I’m not a fan of boats. I’ll make this one work.

Let’s toss around the idea that we could possibly be Fyre-Festivaled, and that they’ve already rescheduled this event once. Tossed. (The Royal Caribbean has already been running this route for years. It’s established.)

Let’s journey back in time to all those brochures I got in the mail in grade-school from Carnival, which I tacked all over my bedroom cork-board and chanted the amenities to my mom, hinting QUITE strongly that it would be a dream to experience (it was only after it never happened that I began to dislike boats. >:/).

How ’bout that money factor? The prices seem worth it to me, (especially if you hunt for some discount codes on Twitter) for an all-inclusive three-day con/cruise (with the obvious liquor/casino/spa exclusions). Moments like this are what I’ve been grooming that good credit for since college. Swiped.

The whole trifecta itself is pretty good security. What if the con is boring because it’s the first time? I’ll still be on the cruise I never went on. What if the Majesty of the Seas itself isn’t that impressive? I’ll be surrounded by fellow gamers, have the opportunity to explore Bahamian territory, and I’ve never been on any others so I don’t know any better yet. πŸ˜› What if the port stops are not that great? But I’ve never been to the Caribbean at all yet, dammit! What if this thing pops off and I have to learn on the Internet that I missed 3 days of cosplay, snorkeling, gamer concerts, pool parties, tropical weather, and a ridiculously unique all-in-one experience that I could have been a part of pioneering, especially since in the 9 years of my working adult life, I have never once taken an actual vacation?

I’m going.

Ya’ll should come too! πŸ˜€



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